Are you arguing more, trusting less, or finding yourself not looking forward to spending time with your partner? Maybe your relationship feels stuck, like you’re just replaying the same disagreement over and over again. Do you not like the person you are when you’re in a relationship or wonder why you keep repeating patterns in the type of person you date? Human beings crave connection, yet somehow the people we’re closest to also cause us the most pain.

You don't have to be alone with your problems and you're not doomed to fail.

I believe that strong, connected relationships are the foundation of a life well lived and I’ve dedicated my life to helping men, women and couples nurture those bonds. Whether you’re in a relationship now, want to better understand why a relationship didn’t work or want to improve your connection with friends and family, I am here to help you. We can work together to heal past hurts and transform your self and your relationships into a source of strength.

I am trained in Gottman Method and Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), two powerful forms of psychotherapy designed to promote relationship connection, healing and growth that are derived from recent breakthroughs in psychotherapy and neuroscience. I will help you develop a better understanding of yourself and your feelings that will lead to better communication, trust and intimacy. When you're ready, get in touch to discuss how I can help you live your best life.