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Since 2007 Bobbi Ebsen Psychotherapy has provided therapy to the communities of Michigan.
Welcome to Bobbi Ebsen Psychotherapy, LLC
Bobbi Ebsen Psychotherapy's mission: To improve the lives of people in our community by providing high quality, compassionate psychotherapy to those in need.

Bobbi Ebsen Psychotherapy views therapy as an ongoing and lifelong process. Everybody needs someone to talk to. This means whether you are hoping to do shorter piece of work focused on a specific issue (such as a break up or work problem) or to form a longer relationship with the goal of examining larger life patterns, Bobbi will provide a warm, empathic, and thoughtful presence with the aim of supporting you in your growth.

She views psychotherapy as an active process. Clients are encouraged and empowered to begin making changes that are consistent with therapeutic and life goals. Bobbi uses a holistic approach to therapy, with a focus on the client's overall well-being. In doing this, she ncourage attention to emotional development as this is an important aspect of mental health.
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